The Way To Get A Great Graphic Designer

Choosing a graphic designer can be difficult as it is unlikely you’ll know what exactly you’re looking for. You know that you will want to work with someone who will understand you and your business, with experience and a professional attitude that they better should have to be a profesional.

Choosing The Best Graphic Designer

But there are hundreds of graphic designers in Kent alone, and choosing one to match your task and budget can be difficult. These are the main points to look out for when choosing a graphic designer:


Looking at a designer’s portfolio is an easy way to get an idea of the quality of their work. Ideally this should include work which is similar to what you require. Look for graphic designers which have the relevant technical skills which they are willing to show off in a portfolio.

Many graphic designers profess to having a huge range of online and offline design skills, which may be the case, but the best way to find the quality of a studio’s work is by looking at previous work.

Look for a match of formal art qualifications and technical skills. It is of no use to hire a graphic designer with artistic ability but cannot transfer that onto a computer, just as it is not useful to use a graphic designer who can create technical projects which look unappealing artistically.

Business Skills

But design isn’t everything. You are likely to be looking for a design team which can create a strong business image, and not let artistic licence get in the way of purpose. Ask prospective designers about deadlines and budget and find out how successful they are at managing both. Graphic designers in Kent and across the UK should be able to give examples of how their marketing has translated into return on investment. Good designers should know that every single feature of their work should communicate something to the viewer.


Once you have a selection of possible graphic designers, arrange to meet them. Discuss your ideas and take note of the designer’s attitude. Look for someone personable and professional, who you believe can work to your deadline and budget. Look for someone creative too. It might sound obvious, but it is important if you have a vague concept.

They shouldn’t however, be over-enthusiastic and create something which doesn’t fit your specification. Once you meet or speak to your designer they should offer ideas which match your brief.

Good graphic designers will tell you straight away if they cannot create the product which you require. If a graphic designer doesn’t have the adequate technical skills to fit your brief they should tell you.

Also look for someone with time to chat. If you feel rushed by a graphic designer it is unlikely they will have the time to keep checking your project back with you to gain feedback.


Graphic design studios will be able to provide references. These may be on their website, in their portfolio, or you could ask for them and follow them up with a quick phone call.