Web Design Process Steps For A Professional Web Designer

Web designing is not just about creating layouts or coding. Entire web designing process needs proper planning for making a successful website capable of earning high profit. Lots of things are involved in planning for web designing. There should be clear objective of what you want to achieve from your website and then matters of designing, developing, testing, and marketing come. Every aspect demands proper care and full attention. In this article you will come to know about different steps involved in the process of web designing. Here you go!

Understand Your Objectives

Understanding the main objectives of a website helps web designer to set the goals for making a website as per expectations of targeted audience. Setting goals means determining whether a site is performing well or below expectations and whether there is a need to expand or improve the website.

Understand Your Objectives

Who your targeted audiences are? This is also important to know before you start planning for your website. It helps not only in designing aspects, but also in putting appropriate content at the website. There is a lot of difference in a website that is targeted at seniors and the one targeted at toddlers.

Planning For Web Designing

After deciding about main website objectives, its time to plan for designing of the website. This planning should be prior to building of the very first wireframe. Web design planning should include the following elements:

Comprehensive details about information architectureWebsite structure as per planningSite map being followed by web pagesAny other technical details (PHP, shopping cart, Ajax)

Start Designing

Fun time starts now for a web designer. Best recommended option is to start the designing at graphic program or at paper initially before jumping into the editor.

Create Content For The Website

Content is king and that needs to be true for a website. Content should be supplemented multimedia, images, and text. Create content before time so that you can start building the website with great ease. What you need to focus for website content is given below!

Text including articles, reviews, blogs, etc.Graphics selected from free images or from the photos you have takenUse of multimedia to an appropriate limit according to targeted audiences

Build Your Website

It’s time to start building your website. Whether HTML or CSS, it’s up to you which one to use for website building. Selection of the website building technology can be made from HTML or even CSS.

Testing Of Website

Once you have built your web pages, it’s time to test your website. It’s not a one time task, but you should do it on periodic basis while building the website. Following points should be considered while testing:

Complete relevance of the website with main business objectivesAll technical; aspects are working rightly at the websiteCross browser compatibility

Hosting Matters

Upload your designed website to the hosting providers on testing basis, but you can do it directly if complete testing is performed offline.

Is the web designing process over? Obviously not. It’s time to get started with web marketing campaign. Make sure that you have optimized your website according to the standards of search engines so that higher ranks become a reality. If the web designing process is followed step by step with proper planning, you will surely come out with a stunning and user oriented website that is capable of earning higher revenue.